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The chronicle (32 pages) traces the more than 16 years long history of the project Mandala Monument of Peace. It should be noted that the design is generally impressed and considered to be beautiful. It can be said that the design causes personal concern. Therefore, the reactions regarding the purpose of the project are supportive or negative. The chronicle is thus also a reflection of personal and collective attitudes towards the project “Milestone for World Peace”.

So, the question of whether and where the Mandala Monument of Peace is to be built has not been (definitively) answered – even though many helpers have dedicated themselves unselfishly to the project and have performed a lot of voluntary work and even though the project has become widely known.

Imesch: “When the right people come together, the project will be built. Where? Somewhere in this world. I hope that it is opened on 9_11_26”.

Letzte Aktualisierung 10.01.2019