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The Mandala Monument of Peace project has a problem because it is complex because it touches the most intimate in the human being, the religious. Not in relation to any official beliefs, let alone in terms of any secular ideology, but in relation to the very personal numinous (divine). This numinous, divine is not clearly tangible or writable. But it can be orbited. The Mandala Monument of Peace project represents such a circuit.

The description (11 pages) of the project Mandala Monument of Peace endeavors to illustrate why it sees itself as one of the manifestations that expresses and makes experienceable the "religious" in itself. It is helpful to meet the project with a tolerant mind and an open heart.

The Mandala Monument of Peace does not address the masses. It is hoped that at least 0.00278% of the world's population, that is around 200 thousand people, say that's what we want.

Letzte Aktualisierung 10.01.2019