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The Mandala Monument of Peace is an emblem.
The Mandala Monument of Peace project was created after 9_11_2001 as a construction sign to remind people that world peace is a worthwhile goal.


... in its largest design raised to the layout of a sacred building, the mandala represents the whole universe with heaven, earth and the underworld ...


The dimensions of the Mandala Monument of Peace are relatively modest. But its effect is strong. Its relation has a cosmic dimension.



World peace starts with each individual.
Everyone can contribute personally to world peace, in that they constantly try to find their own personal inner balance, their own inner peace during their being in private, professional and social life, regardless of the external circumstances and regardless of how society reacts.


The Mandala Monument of Peace is a sacred space.
The Mandala Monument of Peace is a place of meditation, of retreat, a place of reflection and contemplation – for each and every one of us, whatever religion we belong to, and also for those of us who feel no affinity for any religion.


In order to give visitors the opportunity to come to terms with their own contrariness, the Mandala Monument of Peace is therefore not only aligned to heaven, to brightness, cleanliness, spirituality and transcendency, but in the same way to earth, to darkness, dirtiness, emotional instincts and compulsions.




Sign (milestone for world peace).
The Mandala Monument of Peace is an unmistakeable incarnation. Not unlike a lighthouse, the Mandala Monument of Peace, because of its stature, has the uniqueness of a landmark, it is a sign, a milestone, an aid to orientation for sea voyagers who are travelling towards “world peace”.  




Recognition Brasil

The Mandala Monument of Peace is a place of silence.
The Mandala Monument of Peace serves solely as a space for personal retreat. It will not hold events or any kind of liturgical acts from any kind of religion. The peaceful energy generated here will grow and radiate, it has its source in silence. The Mandala Monument serves the silent, personal contemplation of the question: “Am I at peace with myself, my closest and the world?”


Every country, every cultural space in this world which is dedicated to peace is a suitable site for the Mandala Monument of Peace.



Imesch on site





Entirety consists of light and shadows – of opposites, such as day and night that mutually condition each other, like your opposite is contained in yourself. Good here, evil there – that does not exist. Light itself contains darkness and there is likewise light in darkness. Indeed, constantly and permanently. Both parts are therefore basically equivalent.

Plan of the island. Field work with fishing boat, walking marches and GPS. Desk work with Google Earth and Google Map

Visite by Architron

The Mandala Monument of Peace alone only requires a plot of land 50x50 m in size.

The Mandala Monument of Peace is a manifesto of a community of people, who identify with the idea and make an average donation of CHF 100 to cover the costs of construction.

The Mandala Monument of Peace may well be interesting from an economic viewpoint for the location (city, region, country) because it is an emblem, a landmark for world peace: A global study published by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in 2012 on the question “What economic value do landmarks have for the site concerned?” produced the following sums for the top places: Eiffel Tower CHF 475 bn., Colosseum CHF 158 bn., Sagrada Família CHF 93 bn. and Milan Cathedral CHF 82 bn. ...


No explanations are needed to enjoy the effects of a mandala. Neither is any intellectual knowledge required about what the individual parts mean, nor do you need to belong to a particular religion. It suffices to contemplate the mandala, to let it work on you. A mandala is able to touch deep-lying, spiritual patterns, the effects of which can lead to mental and spiritual satisfaction. The Mandala Monument of Peace is an instrument, the acting person is the only human, the mirror the personal soul.


Wherever the monument to peace is located – it should be constructed from materials available at the site by local craftsmen, building firms and technicians. There are good craftsmen and entrepreneurs throughout the world who are able to implement this construction work.

It may be a Utopia, the project is nevertheless borne by the vision of potential world peace. It is assumed that world peace - as a mental and spiritual state of the world’s population - is an expression of possibly the highest cultural level that humanity is basically capable of. Peace, world peace, so it is assumed, is a human matter – nothing else.



The question of whether and where the Mandala Monument of Peace is to be built has not been (definitively) answered – even though many helpers have dedicated themselves unselfishly to the project and have performed a lot of voluntary work and even though the project has become widely known



Imesch: “When the right people come together, the project will be built. Where? Somewhere in this world. I hope that it is opened on 9_11_26”.


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