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At that time, after recording the draft, Imesch traveled to his friend and spiritual teacher, Paramapooja Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, Pontifex of the Datta Temple in Mysore. The question IM is concerned with was whether, in the face of world events, it was right and promising to try to remind them with a building that the purpose of our being is, or above all, to be a peaceful coexistence.

It was an opportunity to show the design to Swami (Master). He contemplated this long and very attentively. It was not spoken - after a while Swamiji IM returned the plans with a blessing gesture. IM understood Swami's gesture as confirmation that the design was a structural manifestation of what the term "cosmic principle of order" means, and that its presence in a building has a pacifying effect. And IM understood Swamiji's silence as an indication that IM's question will be answered by "the experiment".

Now the chronicle documents how "the experiment" has gone so far. In a recent encounter, the Swami (blinking his eyes) asked IM: “How’s it going?” To IMs amazement, he find that this question does him good. Almost like passing an examination. It seems as if Swamiji follows on directly from his silence at that time, when he gave IM back the plans with his blessing some 16 years ago.

IM: "It seemed to me that the meaning of the experiment was obviously also to learn to apply my philosophy of holistic design, which combines the creation of external objects with the shaping of internal processes, in a practical way. So the experiment was a kind of exercise facility for me, you could also say that this project Mandala Monument of Peace is about my diploma thesis in Holistic Design. I'm curious to know how the Master grades them."

Letzte Aktualisierung 10.01.2019